The basic of computer programming

We are now living in the computer age. Majority of people know how to operate computers. As a matter of fact, even children know how to use computers. However, many of us still don’t know what computer programming is all about. We see the computer as a precious possession which will enable us to do a lot of things. But computer programing is different. In a simple term, computer programming pertains to the process of writing and designing computer programs.

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Computer programming

Computer programming is the process of giving instructions to the computer to do something you want. The instructions are saved somewhere so as you can use it time and again. The programs can be easy or difficult. Simple programs include a set of instructions stored in a text format and can be used to do a mundane task such as doing backup computer file in a folder. Difficult or complex programs include word processor or operating system which may contain thousands of code.

A layperson sees a computer as pieces of metals, plastics, and other materials put together. From a computer programmer’s point of view, a computer is a program that follows a certain instruction. Such instructions need to be precise and detailed so that the computer will be able to understand it easily. Such instructions need to be step-by-step and should be presented in a way that the processor and other computer parts can easily understand.

Programming language

Programming language enables us to write instructions for the computer in such a way that computers can easily understand. Such language is translated into something that a computer can work with. Codes are a form of computer instructions made readable to humans. Don’t you know that a line of readable code can be translated into thousands of detailed computer instructions?

A special program is used to translate codes. Each computer language has an interpreter or compiler. If the translation is over, the result will be stored in a form of file/set of files. Every time you run the software, the computer will automatically follow the set of instructions. The program will do what it needs to do.

Who should perform computer programming?

When it comes to computer programming, many people think that it is only for the genius and gifted. The truth of the matter is that you don’t necessarily need to be super smart to master computer programming. Anybody can learn to program a computer. You will be amazed to find out that most software is created by average people. What they have are knowledge and skills. If you are computer savvy, then you can surely create a computer program.

Fortunately, there are now computer programming courses. If you want to be a powerful computer programmer, then it is important to dedicate your time and attention to learning what computer programming is all about. There are online programs that will help you learn more about computer programming in an easy and efficient way.